Tenants Of The Blog The Four Tenants of Freedom

Tenants Of The Blog The Four Tenants of Freedom
I spent a lot of time over the years making videos for YouTube. Most of these videos were based around the subjects of philosophy and self-improvement. Occasionally I would also make a video about business or my thoughts about business in general. However, with all the video I have made, I realized that I wanted to make a blog about these subjects. In essence, sharing the things that I know and that I am good at, mainly being my skillsets in internet business and the occasional tidbits about philosophy.

After a while, I concluded that internet business and my philosophy in life are one in the same. My internet business goals are just a physical representation of my philosophy. The whole concept is about freedom in a variety of verticals.  Below are the four goals of freedom as of how I see them both tangible and philosophically, in no particular order.

  • Freedom of finance
  • Freedom of motion
  • Freedom of expression
  • Freedom of mind

Freedom of finance is probably the most contrived concept. Something that all of us as human beings want. It’s the idea that we don’t have to worry about every bill that comes in. That we can have experiences and perhaps a few luxuries in life to enjoy ourselves. It might also mean having the money to be generous with others. To help friends and family or to make contributions to charities. It’s much more than just a selfish desire for material goods. It’s about having choices and options in life.  Although money is far from everything, as they say, it’s also true without any cash your possibilities in life severely limited.

Freedom of motion is the concept that you are not anchored to a location. In most cases when we have a standard job, we cannot leave the city in which the job is located. That is unless, of course, we manage to find another job in another city and then we become as equally anchored there. I believe that life is significantly more enjoyable when you are not physically anchored to any one location. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick a place and stay, but it means that you can always leave if an opportunity or desire arises.

Freedom of expression is the idea that you can express yourself honestly. In so many areas in our life, we become dependent on employers, friends, family or relationships in which we literally cannot express individual opinions. One typical scenario is that if you want to express particular political views that do not represent the company where you work. If you have a differing opinion, it may get you into hot water – maybe even fired. Now withholding some opinions or desires in life can be positive. If we just said and did whatever we wanted all day every day, we might find ourselves in our own self-destructive rubble. However, being unable to express yourself in non-destructive ways because of external circumstances is certainly not freedom, is it?

Freedom of mind is the most important tenant, period. All the other tenants revolve around a connection with external circumstances, or at least an external goal or ideal. Freedom of mind, however, is possess-able no matter your external circumstance. Even if you have a shit job, and you’re struggling for money, you can always strive for freedom of mind. The tenant is not based on the idea of apathy, but outcome independence. The idea that you will strive for your goals and achievements, but you’re also capable of letting things unfold. That you don’t always need to grasp your desires but instead you can keep a soft and open hand. It’s also the process of deprogramming your mind to free yourself from the sufferings ingrained by society. The type of afflictions that are programmed in your mind to trigger pain, because ‘that’s how you SHOULD feel if XYZ happens.

Those are the four tenants of freedom, which I believe are a noble goal for anyone to pursue. Throughout my blog in the future, I am going to continue posting articles about these tenants. Many articles will be about starting internet businesses, something that I know, which opens an opportunity to much of the first three tenants. I will also be writing articles about the mind and philosophy to address the fourth tenant. This blog is a journey I want to go on together with my readers, and in a way, I hope to build a robust community of like-minded individuals.


Trevor J. Freeman
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Trevor Freeman is an internet marketer and philosophy buff. His dog is also probably cuter than yours ;)

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