WP Engine Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Choosing the right web hosting for your business.

WP Engine Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Choosing the right web hosting for your business.

I wanted to make a review of WPengine including my experiences both good and bad with the company. As with every hosting company, there are certain pro’s and con’s and none of them are perfect. However, it’s important to use all the information you can get to make an educated decision about what hosting company will be best for you. Overall WPengine has been great for me and I host all of my major websites with them despite the monthly cost being slightly higher than most hosting companies.

First, The Bad With WPengine

The only negatives I have had with WPengine have been marginal. Setup with WPengine can be confusing since it does not offer users a traditional cPanel. Second, setting up the install is very different than your traditional host – it’s actually easier but requires a little bit of a learning curve to get used to. Also, from what I haven noticed WPengine does not sell domains, so you will have to buy your domain elsewhere and transfer it to them.

The only TRUE negative experience I had with WPengine was that their server provider went offline for about 4 days during near years of 2016. This was rough since it took so many days for them to get their servers back online. However, with that being said almost every host I have been with has had down time. This incident was the ONLY time that I’ve had downtime with WPengine and their customer server was exceptionally responsive via social media, unlike many other hosting companies.

The Good With WPengine

Speed: WPengine is amazingly fast. I use their basic hosting with most of my websites ($29.99) a month along side with their CDN (Content Delivery Network) add-on. My sites load lightning fast no matter where in the world you are visiting them from. Let’s be honest, loading time is crucial to any website and business. Amazon, for example, reported that every part second increase in loading time equated to an increase in revenue of about 1%.

Ease Of Use: As I said earlier, it takes a bit of getting used to – but it’s much simpler and easier to use than general hosting accounts. Transferring domains is EASY. You can also easily setup redirects with multiple domain names pointing at your server. WPengine also has very straight to the point analytics once logged into your account. It displays visits, bandwidth and other vital information at your finger tips.

Backing Up: WPengine has an integrated back up system to make sure your website is always protected and loss of data never happens. Every time you add a new plugin or update to your website WPengine automatically gives you an option to backup your site from your dashboard.

This comes in handy as it’s easy to forget to backup your site and will prevent catastrophic damage from happening when making changes like adding plugins. Trust me, adding the wrong plugin can sometimes totally disable your website (white screen of death). In addition to that WPengine blocks many of the malicious plugins from being installed on your website.

Additional Security: As stated earlier, WPengine blocks many malicious plugins from being installed on your WordPress website. This can prevent malicious code from disabling your website. Also, WPengine in general prevents any kind of malicious code by being installed with disk write protection. All kinds of “code injections” are blocked by WPengines security plugins and protocols. Trust me when I say “code injections” happen. I had another website hosted with a different company that got thrown for a loop with malware injected into the PHP through plugins I downloaded. Lets just say it wasn’t fun trying to fix that website and remove the malware. Google even blocked the website from their search engine temporarily!

Summary: Five Stars For WPengine

WPengine is definitely a great hosting company both in the product quality and customer service. I use WPengine for all of my websites. I would recommend WPengine to anyone who is looking at building a serious website whether that is a business or personal blog. You can sign up for WPengine hosting by clicking here.

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