Refuse To Be A Victim And Avoid The ‘Victimized’

Refuse To Be A Victim And Avoid The ‘Victimized’
It’s apparent to me, as time progresses, the western world is becoming a world of victimization. That the loudest voices are the ones that claim to be victims. Victims of circumstance, environment and an ‘unfair’ world. While it’s true we all have difficulties in life, some of us with bigger difficulties than others, how we end up in life largely depends on our attitude.

Some people will take the hardships they have encountered in a victim mentality. That the world owes them, and that it’s just so fucking-un-fair. That it’s up to someone else to make life better for them. That someone else owes them for the problems they have encountered. Avoid those people. 

Life has never been fair and life never really will be fair. We are dealt a unique hand of cards that we must learn to navigate on our own.

In the past, life was far more brutal than it is today. People were murdered at astounding rates. People were dehumanized and brutalized at a level in which we can not presently comprehend.  In essence, the problems that most of us have today are nothing compared to what others have gone through.

We sit here on our smartphones, laptops, and tablets thinking about how ‘unfair’ life can be. In our comfortable heated and air-conditioned homes, with our endless stream of entertainment and quick-to-deliver foods. Lamenting about our almost seemingly endless array of opportunities in a first world country.  Always going back to our western world slogan of ‘it’s-just-not-fair.’  Why? because someone, somewhere else, has it slightly better than us. 

This self-victimization is precisely the difference between why some people succeed and why some people fail. The people who cry victim will usually stay a victim. While those that understand life is full of ‘shit’ so to speak, shrug it off, continue forward, and pursue their dreams, will eventually succeed. Those that have the flexibility of a bamboo branch rather than the rigidness of an oak tree. Those that can realize people are not perfect, life is not perfect, and to try to make the best of it. Even if those that move forward don’t succeed, they at least lived a life worth mentioning. They stood for something, they tried, and they got up time and time again.

Being a victim has nothing to do with what has happened to you, and everything to do with your mentality.  You can go through the worst things possible on this planet and not be a victim. You can reversely go through almost no hardship and play the perfect role of ‘victim.’ To avoid becoming a victim, focus and realize that life is not a fairy-tale, life is not perfect, your lover, your best friend, and even your dog are not perfect. Things will be fucked up. Things will get fucked up. The only question is, will you get fucked up in return?

Do not become a victim. Do not associate with victims.  Roll with the punches. 



Trevor J. Freeman
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Trevor Freeman is an internet marketer and philosophy buff. His dog is also probably cuter than yours ;)

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