Solopreneur: The Art Of Choosing The Middleway

Solopreneur: The Art Of Choosing The Middleway

We like to think that many things in life are black and white. It’s often because as humans, we like to compartmentalize in very simplistic terms, it helps us ‘segment’ our lives. We are either ‘rich’ or ‘poor.’ We either ‘love’ something or ‘hate’ it. We are either ‘happy’ or ‘sad.’ Although we can often find the gray areas in life, those gray areas usually make us feel uncomfortable. All the variables make us overthink, maybe we stay up at night, and quite frankly the feeling of confusion or uncertainty is something we usually avoid.

This black and white thinking is what prevents us from finding the ‘middle way’ in life. The middle way being something that can simultaneously be both X and Y. In most cases, the ‘middle way’ can be described as the path less traveled or the ignored opportunity. It’s also in some cases the place where we fear to venture. The idea that we can live differently and still be happy.  It goes against the rules and social conventions that we have been taught. We might believe that if we do this type of ‘middle way’ we are going to be unhappy. That, of course, it can’t work and that we will feel the negative emotions of breaking social conventions. That living outside of social conventions makes people miserable.

These fears of the ‘middle way’ are nothing more than self-limiting beliefs that are designed to be broken. And those that break them find a liberation that few will ever find. 

Being a Solopreneur is one of many ‘middle ways.’ It’s an idea that is both X an Y. That X is a successful business that makes you a lot of money; while Y is the independence of time and freedom. In traditional black and white thinking, people will say that to have lots of money, you also need to slave your life away and become chained to building or being part of a major corporation. However, in life rules are bendable. Systems are bendable. And as Bruce Lee said…

“Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.”

This ‘middle way’ is all about identifying yourself as a creating individual and not a system, ruleset or black and white thought process. The way I utilize this gray area is by looking at what I want in my life. I look at the broader picture, instead of just structures. I look at myself as an individual instead of a person filling a role. Once you begin to see yourself as an individual, capable of unique expression and fluid freedom, you will start looking for different ways of becoming what you wish.  You will also start looking at yourself in a multi-faceted approach. That there are a dozen sides of yourself that NEED to be expressed.

An example of my multi-faceted approach to myself includes wanting to do many different things such as:

  • Owning a successful Solopreneur business(es) that provide value to others.
  • Writing and composing music.
  • Traveling the world and studying cultures.
  • Becoming well versed in philosophy and self-development.
  • Being an inspiration and liberation to others.
  • LEADING my own life.  Having freedom of time, mind and location.

These are just a few examples, but my point is that we all have MANY sides of ourselves that need to be expressed. It’s more than just being your job or having one hobby that you never have time for. Solopreneurship is only one example of living your life in pure self-expression. True honesty with who you are and what you desire. Giving yourself the option to explore life and build on every aspect of yourself. To live life to the fullest, as they say, rather than just living to exist.



Trevor J. Freeman
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Trevor Freeman is an internet marketer and philosophy buff. His dog is also probably cuter than yours ;)

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