Why Sumo Me Is A Must Have Tool For Your Website A Review Of Sumo's Best Tools

Why Sumo Me Is A Must Have Tool For Your Website A Review Of Sumo's Best Tools

I’ve been using Sumo WordPress tools for several years now, on every website I own, and it’s a major asset.  It allows me to track every action a user makes on my website, collect leads and make my sales and conversions skyrocket.  Sumo tools have been absolutely invaluable and in this article, I’m going to explain why you need to use their tool suite, including which of their tools are entirely golden.

Heat Mapping And Content Analytics

These are two of my favorite tools and Sumo created incredible renditions. Firstly, heat mapping allows you to see where users click on your website. The plugin creates an ‘overlay’ on any page that you want to track. So for example, if I wanted to track this post, I could create an ‘overlay’ that I see when I log into Sumo.  It will show me every location that my visitors click and highlight the areas in color to show density.

Sumo Heat Mapping Example

So why is heat mapping so useful? Heat mapping allows you to visually identify whether or not users are interacting with your opt-ins, sales funnels or products. However, what’s most useful is finding out areas that visitors interact with that you DON’T want them to interact with. So for example, if I had a sales page, and on the sidebar, I had ‘blog articles.’ Ideally, I want my visitors to buy my products rather than visit my blog posts. However, if they visit my blog posts, it’s not totally horrible – I’d just prefer they buy a product. Heat mapping allows me to identify areas of my pages to REMOVE more often than not. This allows me to optimize my traffic into buyers instead of browsers. In essence, heat mapping tracks the behavior of your visitors so that you can make design changes that may result in a BIG difference when it comes to revenue and sales. (Using this tool has increased monthly site revenues by four figures for me).

Content analytics is also another incredible tool. Like heat mapping, the tool also creates a backend visual overlay, but instead of identifying where visitors click, the plugin identifies how far the average user scrolls down the page. Why is this particularly useful? Well, it’s fantastic for tracking articles and content based websites. If you create a backend overlay tracking for a specific article, you can see EXACTLY where the average visitor decides to stop reading. This helps you identify ‘weak’ areas of the article that you may want to rewrite. It also helps you identify which topics and writing styles keep your visitors interest and which articles bore them to death. This makes content analytics extremely useful in creating high-quality content and improving bounce rates (I’ve lowered bounce rates significantly with this tool), and even sales or opt-ins. It lets you know what your users are essentially thinking while they are reading your content.

Sumo Content Analytics Example

Sumo Me List Builder Is Amazing

Sumo Me also offers a ‘list builder.’ The list builder is basically a variety of different email opt-ins, in which some of them have killer conversion rates. The plugin has your traditional opt-ins such as pop-ups and embedded opt-ins. However, one of the best opt-ins that Sumo offers is the ‘Welcome Mat.’ This is a drop down opt-in that takes over the entire size of your page. It scrolls down with customizable images or videos with your custom text and opt-in box.

Many sites, including my own, have reported massive increases in opt-in rates using the Welcome Mat. I’ve had sites increase opt-in rates by nearly 20% after switching to the Welcome Mat.  Nothing gains attention to your email list faster than a full-page loader. Not only because it’s a full page loader, but the fact you can customize it with attention-grabbing images or video. Although it is a full page loader, it doesn’t have any negative effect on SEO, and the user can easily click the ‘X’ to close it and return to reading your content.  So, not only do you get all the traditional opt-in styles such as pop-ups with Sumo, but you get many more high converting and easily customizable forms to test.

Incredible Social Sharing Tools

Sumo also has some of the best social sharing tools that I have used. This includes highly customizable share buttons, image share buttons (share icons pop up automatically on your images) and custom short URLs. The share buttons allow you to easily customize placement and change them based on device. So for example, you can set up ‘floating’ share buttons at the bottom of mobile devices that work wonderfully in my experience. And, on computers, you can set up embedded share buttons or left hand floating share buttons.

When I switched some of my sites to using ‘floating share buttons’ on mobile phones, it drastically increased my share rates for mobile visitors. I also frequently use custom short URL’s with this plugin to make my content more shareable and also gain valuable backlinks.

These are just a few of the best tools in Sumo’s easy to install WordPress plugin.  The plugins are free, but I highly recommend using the paid version. The reason for this is because the paid version gives you vital customization options and analytic data. Any serious webmaster needs analytical data to improve their website or business.

Sumo Me pro plans start at $29 dollars a month, with the average package being $79 a month. With the amount of tools and data you get, it’s an absolute steal. I highly recommend that if you’re serious about increasing sales or growing your business that you try Sumo.

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